Days 12-18: Font loading and texture rendering

October 14, 2019

This has been a busy week. I just moved out of my apartment yesterday so in the days leading up I was packing, cleaning, dealing with movers, and generally finalizing a ton of logistics and annoying stuff. Now that that is all out of the way I do want to start to pin down a slightly more consistent schedule with development and blogging, although I fly out to Scotland tomorrow to begin my travels, so I will have to find a balance between that and being productive, which could prove tricky. But I will do my best! As for what I got done in the 100 Days of Game Dev Challenge:

Day 12

I spent most of my time this day iterating on my camera projection matrix system and also implemented a way to reverse the process and go from screen coordinates back to x/y world coordinates. This allowed me to start working on mouse input handling, and I tested it with some click handler stuff.

Day 13 Expanded on the mouse handling from the previous day, introduced a 2d cursor that shows up on any tiles that the mouse is hovering over. Also did some refactoring.

Day 14

Started implementing texture loading. First step was to port over my BMP code from a previous rendition of the engine, I ported that and replaced most of the solid color quads with textured drawables using my terrible programmer art. Aseprite doesn't seem to support Alpha on BMP images, so I decided I would follow up by implementing a PNG renderer.

Day 15

Started realizing that I had procrastinated too much on moving things until this point, so next couple updates are tiny. This day I just started implementing PNG rendering. Made a bit of progress but was still figuring out details of the format and compression. is the reference I used for this.

Day 16

Basic PNG loading done! Although I'm trying to do most things by hand, I decided to include a small compression library ( to handle the zlib decompression of the PNG contents. Took a bit of trial and error and reading up on the spec, but got it working after a little while.

Day 17

I watched the ThinMatrix font rendering video ( to get some ideas on how to approach this, and then hacked together a basic implementation of font rendering with my renderer. Still very basic and has a lot of hardcoded values that I don't like, but it works!

Day 18

Made some improvements to the font rendering. Now it loads sizing and other details from the fnt file and properly scales things to a passed in font size. It also now supports line wrapping and screen relative positioning. A lot of the types in my engine are still poorly defined, and things are getting messy. I think I need to take some time to do cleanup work and make sure I'm not digging myself in too deep of a hole. I also need to actually start on the xplat nature of this project soon and start implementing a windows platform layer. That will also help me finish stress testing, and I will be able to make sure that I'm implementing this in a sound way.

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