Gouda Engine Devlog: Intro and basic game loop

September 24, 2019

Today I wanted to write down some of my basic plans for the Gouda engine to outline the core architectural ideas that will be in place.

The engine will live in a library to be included in the game binary. The binary will declare the main method, but that should literally only be constructing the engine with a struct implementing a GameLogic trait, and then calling run().

This means that the entirety of the game loop will happen within the engine code, leading to a very simple api for the game developer.

The final big piece is a platform layer. That will encapsulate all of the osx/windows/d3d/metal levels of code into a set of apis that will be used by the main engine to create windows, capture input, do rendering, etc...

Rough Pseudocode:

fn run() {

  let platform = create_platform_layer();

  while running {
    let input = platform.capture_input();

    let audio_buf = platform.ready_audio();


There will be an ECS hooked throughout the engine layer to handle almost all of the game data.

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